23 Jan

“You’re so lucky to be married to a Spanish model,” my husband said.

Then he grinned, and added: “A role model.”


8 Jan

My husband and I, at night on the sofa.

He’s slaying dragons on the PlayStation.

I’m crocheting unicorns.

Who says we’ve lost the magic?

How We Suffer For Our Children

3 Nov

I had never been much of a religious person, but that changed when I became a mother.

That´s when I started praying.

And I have never prayed as much as now that she´s started playing the recorder.

Oh Lord, give me patience.




Not A Morning Person

19 Aug

“Much to my mother’s eloquent alarm, I became quite industrious with the pen and developed certain habits to which I have adhered ever since, namely sitting up to write late into the night and making up for that by lying in bed the whole morning next day, a shocking let-down to the wisdom that associates early rising with health and wealth, not to speak of the catching of worms. (Let us on no account speak of the catching of worms.)

My tendency to this excellent mode of life is in fact constitutional, since I am always suicidal in my feelings when I get up, so choose to get up at, or after midday on the very good grounds that the afternoon is no time for suicide.”

(Robert Nye, The Memoirs of Lord Byron, Abacus, p 53 – 54)


25 Jul

It was really great, being thirty-eight.

Still haven´t got a “real job”, but I only had three migraines this year, so health-wise it´s definitely paying off. I haven´t been this happy and stress-free in many, many years.

And now it´s my birthday´s again, so it´s time to write down some of the things I did this year. I do this more as a record for myself than anything else, and to remind myself that apart from doing laundry and cooking painfully plain meals I have done some other things too. For example:

  • I wrote an article about the madness-genius theory that got published in a magazine
  • One of my short stories got published in a book.
  • We did six gigs with the funk band (four in Funkadelia and two in Café Mercedes Jazz)
  • For a competition I wrote two (rather extensive) short stories for children. (The winners will be announced in December.)
  • I studied screenwriting and wrote a treatment for a screenplay, which I sent to the VAF, applying for a grant for beginning screenwriters. (You can always try, right?)

But of course the most important things are the ones without references or numbers. Like when we prove ourselves more patient or empathic than we used to be. When we drop a useless conviction or a harmful habit. When we connect with others despite our differences. Those are our true victories.

See what a wise old lady I´m turning into?




Writing Is Not A Contest

29 May

Every writer is starting from a different point and is bound for a different destination. Yet many writers are paralyzed by the thought that they are competing with everybody else who is trying to write and presumably doing it better. This can often happen in a writing class. Inexperienced students are chilled to find themselves in the same class with students whose byline has appeared in the college newspaper. But writing for the college paper is no great credential; I´ve often found that the hares who write for the paper are overtaken by the tortoises who move studiously toward the goal of mastering the craft. The same fear hobbles freelance writers, who see the work of other writers appearing in magazines while their own keeps returning in the mail. Forget the competition and go at your own pace. Your only contest is with yourself.”

-William Zinsser, On Writing Well, p78


5 May

My husband and I got together a few years before apps and iPhones appeared.

Which means we have never been on a Tinder date.

But we have something better.

Tender dates.