Things I´ve Learned Along The Way

6 Jun
  1. We are vulnerable but resilient
  2. Adults don´t know what they´re doing either
  3. You have to take care of yourself
  4. We have to take care of each other
  5. Dualistic thinking is incompatible with understanding nature and therefore ourselves
  6. Your heart does a lot more than just pumping blood around
  7. Your body does a lot more than just carrying your brain around

and 8:

“Over time, she had painstakingly erased all womanly urges to question her shape, looks, role in life, or effect upon other people. She would watch, analyse and conform to codes as she observed them, without allowing them to affect or compromise her own identity.” (Helen Fielding, Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination, p 12)


(picture by Katerina Plotnikova)


One Response to “Things I´ve Learned Along The Way”

  1. prinses op de kikkererwt June 6, 2015 at 18:38 #

    Een paar zijn erg herkenbaar, na ongeveer het rauwste jaar van mijn leven. Nu op het punt dat het even eerder als een verrijking dan een verwoesting voelt. x

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