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Sew A Dress For Myself: Check

26 Jul

Number 12 on the list. Cost me blood, sweat and tears, and a lot of creative adjusting, because simply following the instructions in the magazine (for as far as I understood them, because they were in Spanish) didn´t do the Bippety-Boppety-Boo-trick of magicking up a dress that actually looked good on me.

So I changed it into something quite different, and now I think it´s alright. A bit bohemian maybe, or rather giving a bit of a Caribbean touch to this Spanish summer, but if you can´t do that here, well, where can you?


Living Next Door To Jesus

18 Jul

We´re about to move house, and one of our new neighbours is called Jesús, who is a pharmacist.

So how cool is that: we´ll be living next door to Jesus -who actually cures people!