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Life Without Facebook

4 Aug

Two months ago I quit facebook cold turkey.

I´m sure for some people facebook is the perfect tool to stay in touch, but for me it felt like driving around in a leaking car, using up so much more petrol than necessary to get somewhere. And the petrol being of course a metaphor for Time. I easily spent an hour a day on facebook, skimming through posts, joining discussions, watching videos of cats falling off couches.

So I redirected the what´s-going-on-in-the-world-part of facebook to subscribing to Upworthy and dewereldmorgen, the let´s-save-the-world to subscribing to Avaaz and Amnesty International, the here-I-am to writing blogposts, the how-are-you to e-mail and blogs from other people, and I simply deleted my facebook account.

For a while I got caught in a kind of rebound-affair with the newly discovered blog world, spending as much time there as I used to do on facebook, but I´m over that now.

On the whole: I´m happier with what I read and happier with what I write.

Not for a single second did I regret. In fact I have less regrets now, because I don´t find myself worrying anymore about things I´ve posted or said on facebook. And how peaceful it is to be looking through stuff on the internet and not having to debate with myself wether I should share it or not.

And I know Big Brother is still watching over my shoulder, but at least I don´t smell his breath in my neck anymore.