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Don´t Cry For Me, Argentina

26 Jun

So we had another audición, where we get to sing on stage, and I wanted to do “Don´t Cry For Me, Argentina”. While practising, my teacher or the pianist (or both, I can´t remember) came up with the idea to give it a bit of a jazzy touch. So that´s what we did, though it turned out to be more soul than jazz.

You can see the video here.

The first seconds are a bit wobbly, but afterwards it gets better, you´ll see.



Dear Music, I Love You

28 Dec

Every trimester my fellow students and I climb the stage of our local music school and perform a few songs. Last week, one of those songs was “Vivo Por Ella”, a Spanish adaptation of “Vivo Per Lei”, orginally sung by Andrea Bocelli and Marta Sánchez. The lyrics are particularly beautiful: it´s actually a declaration of love to music itself.

You can click here to see the video.

I find it very hard to perform live: it feels like all my insecurities automatically expand like self-inflating beach balls as soon as I set foot onto that stage. I get all fidgety, don´t know what to do with my hands, and when I hear the recordings afterwards I always think Oh My God, when will I ever be able to pronounce an decent A? (A non-Antwerp A, that is.) (Probably never.)

But that´s what practise is for, isn´t it?

Luckily music goes hand in hand with humour.

And I´m sure she loves us back.



A Muddy Christmas

24 Dec

So I said I´d do a Christmas song, and I´ve chosen the corniest one I could find: “Lonely This Christmas” from Mud.

Just click here to see the video (it´s not really sharp, but that gives it a nostalgic touch, doesn´t it).

Best wishes!