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22 May

Like a shy child

covering its red cheeks

he tries to hold back the love

that radiates from his face.


But she´s seen it

and beams it back.

Oh, to find your moon

in this infinite space.




31 May

Mothers and daughters, lying next to each other
on the floor of a sports centre
are usually refugees, fleeing from
earthquakes, floods, war

We´re both on our backs, looking at each other
on the wooden floor of the old gym
we too are on the run: time is on our heels
turning moments into memories
in the blink of an eye

So we look at each other
and we don´t blink

Premature Melancholy

9 May

There´s a father at the park
with the legs of a basketball player
that children are drawn to like
monkeys to a tree

Clenched around his legs and
shrieking with laughter
they await his giant steps

And I know:
these children will grow up
this man will grow old
but I will always see him
with toddlers around his legs


11 Dec

Under the eiderdown

In the warmth of a womb

With only the pressure of


Holding you down

bed 1


21 Nov

Poetry is:

cutting an apple in half

and discovering the tear it cries

for the other half

sweet goodbyes



20 Oct

What I like about paper:

How it maintains the soul of the tree

Like leaves in the wind pages rustle between your fingers

And surrounded by the warm scent of wood

The story finds a home between the covers of the book

Where it can survive the coming winters

Like a butterfly under welcoming bark

far from the madding crowd